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The Original & TNG Episode Got Me Thinking

Many times it has been said that Star Trek was ahead of its’ time and as I watch reruns they may very well have a point. The Simpsons seems to also have a bit of a prophetic voice at times, spooky. I was watching on the original ST there is an episode where a man seeks asylum and the reason he is being hunted is because the white half of his face is on the wrong side in comparison to those who control the planet, the society, in ST The New Generation there is an episode where the Genia come in to collaborate on some project and this society is a genderless society. Doesn’t seem like a big issue at first, until one of them assigned to work with Will Riker finds her questioning why one must deny the gender or the sex they were born with and why those who want to embrace the gender and sex they are born with are treated like criminals and deviants, reeducated and forced to ignore that. It made me think of our society today.

You have parents such as those of the star of I Am Jazz who at four started transitioning their child, a move even those who have switched genders in their adult life condemn. Society and even parents seem hell bent that as soon as a child starts to play with make up or even imitate his siblings that means you have to get him on meds and change their gender, thus doing possible irreparable harm. Same goes for this notion of blaming one race for all ills of society. Society and even the Church seems to have fallen into this trap of seeking to modernize everything and erase all that was. It is truly a crime when we, even as a society start reorganizing who they are and who they are meant to be before they can truly determine why they feel how they and who they truly are, feel they are. Feelings do not determine our biology, your anything, as a matter of fact if like ginger Harry Sussex you go to court and want to win a case only on feelings, you are going to be laughed at and seen as a joke. Court requires fact, evidence, not just one flimsy piece, but several pieces that tie together, or patterns over time that indicate potential guilt in that situation. We are doing what is seen done in these episodes on ST and ST TNG, imposing a particular ideology on children and even adults, if they don’t comply, if they are not also woke etc.. then they are mocked, and treated like the worst criminal. That is truly criminal, irresponsible and abusive. While feelings matter to an extent, just because a kid is a bit of a tomboy, or a young boy is sensitive, artistic does not mean they are in the wrong body. Let kids grow up and everyone else be in neutral zone not forcing anything on them. Discuss what they feel, but also why they feel that way. If they see that maybe mom or mom and dad give all the attention to the son, well maybe one of the daughters may feel that the only way mom will love me if I to am a son. It could be that as a kid you want time with your sibling, so if you are excluded for being a boy or girl all the time and are shy about making friends, maybe that might make you feel you shouldn’t be the gender you are. Can we please not abuse children with this push to trans anything and can we please not push all this stuff on them in life. They don’t to be bombarded in school with negative, detrimental woke anything. What we should be teaching is treat each other with well and accept and love who you are as God made you male or female. Teach self love without having to change the fundamentals of who they are, without having to mutilate their body. Let’s love our kids on a personal and society level to do that.


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