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Blind Loyalty, Hmmm

Loyalty can be a great asset and in a relationship having mutual loyalty and respect is a good thing overall, same with any relationship when that has been built mutually. Can loyalty be a detriment to someone? Yes it can.

Blind loyalty can be quite a detriment as we see when a narcissist sees that as the perfect way to squeeze the lemon as much as he or she can and then bail leaving that person holding the bag and shell shocked. Why does a narcissist or such a person need blind loyalty? They need someone who is filled with so much baggage etc.., weak points they can exploit to their benefits. Whatever wounds a person already has, or insecurities they will exploit to the level of isolation and paranoia. The person who is with the narcissist might be so ingenuous, delusional already to some extent in their own world.

Again, we look at archetypes. Duke of Sussex went on the stand to rage against the big bad media who he didn’t really realize had traumatized him until others told him. When questioned most of his answers were that he didn’t know, didn’t remember and said he said also that he had come to church seeking evidence. So many things that just make you want to scream at him, wake up and stop with the blind loyalty that even had you throw your family, country under the bus for profit, that made you make a fool of yourself. Once you are of no value to the narcissist who has squeezed you dry you are out the door, which is sad and tragic. The other celebrity that had me do a double take is the housewife of NJ when in the reunion she was called out on something and her response was that her new hubby told her to do it. I thought, what the hell is wrong with her. Again we have someone who when it comes to romantic relationships in particular has this blind loyalty to where she will sign anything given etc…with no thought to future consequences. She makes excuses for these men and does not see the red flags, though others see them and try to share what they are seeing that concerns them, just as the Sussex ginger had his brother and others try to give him some wisdom. It is sad when people do engage in blind loyalty, whether at work, in relationships, even as parents to where they ignore all red flags regarding their children.

When a narcissist cultivates blind loyalty it has to do with fear of losing control of the narrative and it really is sad to see what happens when there is that blind loyalty. It is sad for the organization, the more easily manipulated to get destroyed because they are loyal to a fault. The person who is blindly loyal will have their negative passions etc.. stoked to where they may even hurt themselves, or have a breakdown. The one they were blindly loyal to will then make themselves the victims, even though they were the ones to push the other person to paranoia even. Healthy loyalty allows for questioning and healthy debate, discussion mutually, but blind loyalty means no questions asked, do as you are told to do, or see enemies where there aren’t any. I hope these two individuals and others in these situations realize the harm blind loyalty can do and disengage from blindly following pied pipers.


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