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Intention Matters!

As I build my life in a new place, the opportunity to create new memories with my puppy Lizzie, I realize I that this pin I came across is one I should look at for my own life. What are my choices?

One is that of purpose, even in regards to this blog. What is my purpose for living my day to day life? What is my purpose for this blog? What about my faith, what purpose does it serve in my life to be Christian? My purpose for this blog has shifted to being on wellness alone, to also incorporating my artistic works that might serve an inspiration, create a positive legacy. What about my faith? First of all I was born I think genetically believing in God, a big daddy creator. Then I had to determine in life whether I embraced the Christian faith of my family or not, whether I accepted what was taught in Christianity about Jesus. I chose to accept the faith and Yeshua as Messiah. I still choose it. First because God is to me logical, human nature being as it is no way in any universe could we redeem ourselves, so Yeshua as redeemer makes sense to me. It also gives me an outline to ask myself are my actions right actions? Granted I have not always done that and when I don’t not so good results. It has a purpose for my life.

Another is whether I want to live peacefully, or at war with the world, with God because of my own stupidity and the consequences of it in life. I choose at this stage of life to purposely live peacefully, one reason I chose to move to where I did, the quiet, the peace, the calm. Even with those who do not have my worldview on some issues I have determined that I should try to catch flies with honey and fact, even presenting my side of things and agreeing to disagree when they disagree. Peace can be cultivated even in the chaos of the world. I am trying to really intentionally move away from conflict that really will get me and the other person nowhere.

There is the choice to live happy, even when God’s answer to my prayer is no, or not yet, or lay the right foundations first. Happy comes with doing things on a right foundation, If I approached life from a bitter, angry etc..poor me.perspective then I won’t be happy. If I want friends then I need to be in a positive space to attract positive relationships. Yes, we all have days where we recall the past and feel a bit down, but it’s a choice whether we stay there, blame everyone else for our own false steps or the opposite. If I want friends but never go out of my house or venture farther than a few blocks from home, never smile at anyone or say hi, then I can’t complain if I am lonely.

There is the choice to be brave and thankful. Moving through the storms is something one sees throughout sacred scripture of different faith traditions. One thing these people had in common is that no matter what they were hit with, they were grateful for whatever blessings were present. If I focus on what I don’t have, my bills and only that well then I am going to be paralyzed in fear and won’t be able to make any clear decisions. Being thankful can help me be brave in moving ahead with life and any storms that I may encounter.


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