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Needed Social Skills PII

Often admitting mistakes, apologizing, asking for help, being understanding even when not in agreement are hard and are things I myself have struggled with. We might think that admitting not knowing etc… makes us weak, but actually what I have realized is that it takes a lot of courage to admit mistakes and also to be gracious when others admit their mistakes. I also struggle still a bit with receiving a compliment, so even at 50 something I am still learning to master all the social skills on this list. Lizzie my Maltese puppy has been helping me to teach her to act with a certain level of discipline and in turn it is teaching me to be more patient, and even work on the tone of my voice for example. It is never too early to learn these skills, nor too late. No, we may not master all of the, but if we can at least master some of them, that’s an achievement. We see too many people, young people without any of these skills and that is very dangerous for them, and for our society. Healthy expression of emotions positive and negative is crucial to a well functioning society, family, etc…, so lets try to do better to teach these necessary skills to young people and learn them ourselves, we adults, for society’s sake.

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