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Begins with Self

Love they neighbor is one of the teachings of most sacred scriptures and we should always within clear boundaries that we don’t become a doormat because others see it as a weakness. What about caring about ourselves as an individual? I am not referring to narcissistic self centered love that says that everything revolves around the self and to hell with how it impacts, hurts others. I am talking about respecting yourself enough to take care of your general well being. If we don’t care for ourselves, respect and honor ourselves then we really won’t be of any use to love and care for others in a healthy way. Having a holistic healthy self is important to not only the individual, but to relationships and our interacting with society. I hope you till apply these 31 days of tips. I know I have let certain things with my apartment, finances, an issue with my bank take me away from writing songs, poems something I very much enjoy. I today I got back to that, wrote two new songs. I will be recording them and posting them, will share that with you once they are posted.


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