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Life Lessons From a Film? PII

What’s truly important? If you are given the choice between a lifetime of good health and success, power, what Hyman Roth realizes in the Godfather is health is the biggest aspect of wealth you can have. Having a bunch of money is not going to save you from life, stuff in life that comes to pretty much everyone, such as disease, and while money may pay for good doctors and all that if you don’t have health what you can do and time you have to spend with those you love is limited. When praying, always good to make asking for health a priority.

Who to share with? Sonny gets scolded for sharing his dad’s plan at a gathering where all the mafia honchos were there. That wasn’t too smart. When you have a hope, dream, a plan don’t go scattering it to the four winds. Execute the plan, and then let those who care and wish you well celebrate with you and those who are envious, just ask the Holy Spirit to send it back to them, imagine a strong shield, the archangel Michael keeping envy at bay. Keep things close to the chest until you have planted all the right seeds.

Know when to walk away. Vito refused to be involved in the drug business, that was his line in the sand. He also knew he couldn’t control what everyone else did, so rather than cause a war, he walked away from the table. There are times to stand strong and defend, but there are times when doing so is truly futile and you will just be going in circles trying to reason with that person. I know don’t say a word at family events when they bash conservatives, though they know full well I am one. It’s not going to change their view whatever I say so what is the point in my arguing and aggravating myself? There is none.

Another lesson from the Godfather, and other shows, films one learns is never hate your enemies. Why? They’re the enemy, right? Here is the problem with hating people rather than what they have done or do. It affects your judgement, and leads to really stupid, impulsive and destructive, even self destructive result, which is why vigilante justice is never a good idea. If you are going to defeat any rivals you have to keep a very clear head and not rule purely with emotions, but also be able to use logic. If you are blinded by hate, well you can’t. Pulling back, deep breath and clear mind wins the day.

Michael Corleone keeps trying to have the family go legit. That’s awesome right? It would be if circumstances didn’t keep screwing that up and interfering. Life does not necessarily cooperate for things to go according to plan, so now with wisdom acquired I understand why my friend whom I lost touch with used to have a hope for the best plan, a worse case scenario plan and an in between those two options plan. I have to admit I have not been great at following that advice, but I get it now.

Taking everything personally is not a way to live a happy or productive life. We all have stuff that triggers us, that brings up stuff from the past. However if you are going to succeed in life, business etc…you can’t take everything as a personal attack. Besides getting acid reflux or agita as we Italian say, you will end up lashing out at times for no reason and damage relationships. Yes, we should be aware if someone is gas lighting us and that type of thing, but if everything everyone says and does is going to be seen as a personal attack, well we might as well live in a cave far away with no people around ever. People will say dumb stuff, stuff that hurts, but no everyone is always looking to hurt us. We need to have a bit of thick skin, especially in certain professions. If a doctor is going to fall apart every time the family lashes out because of something that happened with a patient they won’t be able to do their job. Yes, do they feel badly, should they show empathy? Yes, of course, but they can’t be falling apart in front of the patient or family every time. A bit of thick skin is needed in this crazy world.

At the end of his life, Vito Corleone says this ‘Life is so beautiful,’ then nothing else is important.” If you have a strong family, friends, are well respected, and in my book if you lived with integrity, ethics, strong faith then you have had a wonderful life. The protagonist of ” It’s A Wonderful Life” realizes that he has had a great life, he helped build up a town, has a family, friends, is liked, respected, has helped others and he needs to embrace that and be happy, proud of what he has built. Amen

I hope these lessons from a film help you in your own life. Next I will be discussing life lessons from the Bible.


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