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Why Earthquakes?

Life will sometimes throw soft curve balls, a small storm and at other times will hit us with a quake, a shake up. Why does the universe, life, God bring earthquakes to our lives? If you are getting into a car and you are driving in a direction that will end up having you go off a cliff, I’d hope someone in the car who knew better would do all they could to keep you from that drive. Some directions in life are positive, others are negative or downright harmful. If you are a parent, God, a manager of a company and you see things going downhill you may have to shake things up and shake things out to get things back on track. You may have to show some tough love. Sometimes when we get too complacent, too arrogant etc…we may need to be shaken.

When that earthquake hits what should you do? Take a breath and realize that everyone has earthquakes in their lives, though you may feel alone you are not. Give yourself time to process it, what has happened and is happening. Get the full story, the accurate, right information, don’t make panicked assumptions because that could lead to creating an even bigger quake. Don’t stay stagnant thinking and researching, at some point soon you have to move forward. Accept that you are going to have a bumpy road, and it may be for a very short time, or for a while. Seek trusted emotional support that will help you move forward. Do not put yourself in the perpetual victim mentality and mode because if you are convinced that you are you will make choices from that mindset. We are all on a journey to learn and grow, which will mean growing pains. Try to gain some wisdom from the situation because even lousy ones have something to teach us. Once you have the strength, support etc.. to start moving forward, start looking at solutions, start creating new attainable goals. If you have to acquire new knowledge, skills connections through networking then that’s what you have to do. Whether the quake swallows you or you rise above is in your hands.

When my mom passed and I had to sell the apartment, restructure my finances, get a new place after so many years of living in Manhattan was a quake. It is a quake that initially created a sense of panic, migraines. I took the steps here mentioned and new I have a lovely new home I am moving into and will be from there creating content for YouTube connected to the blog, to my life, various activities etc…I hope to engage in once I have fully settled in my new place. I also had to process my dynamics with my mom when she was alive and I have in previous blogs talked about that and that was not comfortable, but I did it. I love her, rest her soul, always will, but I had to face some truths.

When the quake comes, you don’t have to be swallowed up.


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