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Resurrection of?

This weekend Eater was celebrated, which commemorates for Christians the resurrection of Christ. Resurrection can be positive or negative, and in today’s society that is especially true.

How can resurrection be a positive? If one has had a negative or traumatic event, or simply change in circumstance then coming out of that stronger, more resilient etc… is a positive. Faith in self or others can be resurrected by circumstances changing, so resurrection can be a positive. Positive changes in behavior, patterns that lead to greater peace etc… after a tough road can also be resurrection. Starting each day with intention of peace, being open to listening and hearing others where they are at, even if we don’t agree with them, changing one small negative habit each day to a positive one, these are all forms of resurrection. The resurrection tells us that we can rise out of the ashes of darkness, detrimental patterns etc…, not to say the road is necessarily easy, but it is available to us.

What of the negative side of resurrection? Hate seems to keep getting resurrection in society, so it seems we haven’t learned our lessons from our past history or even if you are a person of faith from scripture. We have always had cliques, groups exclude other groups etc.., in the past it was the Caucasians oppressing the so called minorities, but now it is the other way around and Caucasians are being made to feel like they are criminals just for being born Caucasian and segregated. Seems hate and division is one thing that humanity sadly keeps resurrecting. War is also constantly resurrected and is the bane of society. Why do we resurrect the negative, the harmful? One could say human nature, circumstances within society, fear of other and yeah they are probably all valid to some extent. We have been given the ability to discipline ourselves, to choose the thoughts, actions and reactions to some extent. While I personally am socially etc… a conservative I would never, ever accept anyone being mistreated because they view things differently than I do. Does that mean that if I felt something was going on that was harmful to my loved ones in the community, school etc…I would turn a blind eye and let it be? No, but how I approached it, handled it would be key to what is brought forward in the situation. If I respond with hate then I create even greater hate on the other side. What do we resurrect in our own lives, our communities etc..? Are we resurrecting hate, fear, what? Though Easter has passed, questioning what we resurrect on different levels is a valid point of examination.


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