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Life Lessons From…

The Bible is for some of us God inspired Scripture, but even taking it out of the religious context it has life lessons for us to consider. What are they?

Do what is ethically and morally correct, not what everyone else is necessarily doing. Doing the right thing is not always fun, or easy, but when you do you give a great example for others around you who in turn will influence others in their lives to do the same. There’s the saying that just because something is legal, doesn’t mean it’s right. That’s true, and remembering that our actions have consequences, how we interact with the world has consequences, our interactions in general affect and influence in some way. Be a light, a beacon of what is right morally and ethically.

Don’t thing you don’t have to answer to anyone. Sometimes a person can be very cocky, arrogant and think they know it all, and they don’t have to follow any rules. Well, you’re wrong if you think that. We all have someone or a code of ethics etc…to submit to and the rebel with or without a cause that decides anarchy is the solution to all discontent, frankly is an idiot and highly immature. If the authority is corrupt, is unethical then you should stand up for what is right, but in a way that is wise, not hotheaded.

Be humble and wise. With age I have come to realize they are connected. It goes back to not being cocky, not being arrogant and assuming you know it all. It also about wining or succeeding with grace, with recognition that you had help along the way, and for those of us with faith, we acknowledge that part of that help comes from above in answer to our prayers. Sometimes the answer to a prayer is a mentor, an opportunity etc… Be humble, not arrogant in your success. Make wise and well informed choices. Remember that as easily as we can go up we can go down and will need help of others at some point.

Be wise in managing your time, money etc…because time especially once lost can’t be gotten back. It’s also important to not make money our God. I never seriously planned my finances and always assumed magically God would provide for me, but that is naive. Yes God will help and others also with advice etc.., but we have to do our part to show that we can be responsible with our resources. Even money is a resource that one must be aware of and manage with responsibility. Who knows how long of a lifespan any of us will have and there is no magic money tree, so we should be wise in how we manage our money and also allow for some wholesome enjoyment of life.

Cause and Effect. For every action there is a reaction in he universe sometimes immediate, sometimes not. What we sow will come back to us in some form. If we sow fear, hatred, anger, corruption then it will come back on us in some way because there are consequences and though sometimes it may seem that people get away with crap eventually it catches up and when it does, Oye. When I go someplace the choice of what time of day I go if I am driving will have effect on how long it takes to get there depending on the time of day and traffic. If I drive in less than alert conditions wreckage and death may occur, not necessarily mine. Remember that every action has a reaction good, bad or ugly.

Justice is not the same as revenge. Revenge is about emotions, causing chaos and destruction. Revenge is often carried out in the heat of the moment, and in a moment of passion. Revenge is personal, all about you and your pain. Justice is about keeping the whole of society safe. Revenge is hateful, bitter, and cold, no process, no evidence to back it up, just raw emotions. Revenge doesn’t really satisfy in the long term because it is in the moment a way to seek to quell personal pain. Justice is about process, evidence, closure, the total opposite of revenge and it doesn’t change the event that caused the pain and it doesn’t bring closure or set a positive example to those we love. It also creates pain for them when the revenge comes back to bite and it does.

May we all be wise in how we live our lives.

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