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Letting Go and Detours

I finally moved into my new place and though all the furniture is assembled, it’s still a bit of chaos, as there are bins to unpack. Part of that unpacking will mean figuring what I need to let go of make room in the apartment. We accumulate stuff, baggage etc…that weighs us down, holds us back, but it’s not always easy to let go of stuff or even baggage that has been carried around for so long. It’s the same with habits, patterns, even those we subconsciously know are not positive, helpful or healthy.

As I go through these numerous bins from the old life I will have to really figure out what I truly don’t need material wise. I also have to examine my life and where it is to see what patterns etc… I might need to let go of those that are detrimental to me in any way. First they have to be identified, which is not easy to self identify one’s detrimental patterns. I may not readily or immediately realize them, but I will meditate and do my best to be more self aware, but not in a sense of constant self criticism, but as an observer. Detours, what of Detours? Today I went for another walk in my new neighborhood, took the route I took yesterday, but coming back I made a little detour and as I am very new to the area had to then figure out my way back home. As I was doing so with my Lizzie, my baby, my beautiful Maltese, we encountered a family and Lizzie made some new friends to play with. When the universe, God gives us a detour we panic, but sometimes that detour is necessary to get us to where we are truly meant to be. It takes us to where we are able to truly see what we are made of, who our friends are and where we will truly realize our potential. While detours may make us uncomfortable, they are sometimes quite necessary to get us to our true destination to realize our best selves. If life does take you on a detour of your very well laid out plans, don’t panic, ride the tide, learn, grow and be the best you can be a long that detour.


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