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New Year and Resolutions Part I

New Year, time for resolutions, but are there resolutions we can make that are centered in spirituality, not talking religion, talking spirituality. Let’s talk about what resolutions can be made that are devoted to spirituality and mental health?

One thing we can do is find internal, emotional, spiritual resolution with our past and focus on what was learned, how we can move forward free of baggage. In my previous post I shared that I had a good cry Christmas morning, and I have had a few more cleansing cries since. I cried for what was lost, opportunities not taken etc…because mourning is necessary in order to let go, to be able to start that new chapter. Maybe one resolution could be that, cleanse emotionally and spiritually in a healthy way.

Each day is a chance to bring in a ray of sunshine to our own hearts, and to that of others. How about a resolution to start the day with some upbeat music, a five minute positive meditation. Maybe start the day with a healthy breakfast, even if just three days a week. Maybe start with some exercise, even just 10 minutes, something that start the day on a healthy and positive note.

What about setting a realistic goal? Maybe start with a resolution that Monday you will eat at least one healthy meal during the day, then extend it to two days a week once you have the Monday down pat. Start with setting a daily goal, then a weekly, then a monthly, build up to long term goals. Often we set these big lofty goals and then when we can’t achieve them because they were so lofty we get depressed and beat ourselves up.

They say one reaps what one sows. How about one of the resolutions be in regards to what energy we put out, what seeds do we sow. Maybe one of the resolutions could be more caring, more empathetic, without compromising our core values etc… Whether in our relationships, whatever the situation maybe we can think about what energy etc… we are sowing into the situation.

Food for thought.


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