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New Year Resolutions PII

New Year, resolution time, so for our own mental health it might be a good idea to not set high in the sky goals at the onset of the year, but rather smaller ones that lead up to the larger one or two for the year. What goals can we make that won’t overwhelm us?

One goal might be to be grateful each morning that we have another day of life to grow, learn to change things we don’t like about our lives. I understand one can get sad, even at the most festive times of year, as I recently shared with you about my not feeling very festive this year. Yet, I also have gratitude for the good things in my life and that is what keeps me going to continue writing poems, songs and working on this site. If I had no gratitude I would be very bitter, very depressed and not at all in a good place in my spirit and soul. I pray daily and seek what I can be grateful for. That perspective if practiced daily can make a difference.

What about trusting spiritually that life and all things in life are about the process, the journey. Each day start the day affirming that life is a process, a journey with much to learn, to understand, gifts to expand on. Lessons are not learned in a vacuum and rarely overnight, rather it is accumulated experience that includes messing up at times. Yes, sometimes the journey is painful, not always a fun ride, but whatever life throws if we can be grateful for something each day and be reminded that there is no magic want, but a process of becoming aware, of clarity etc…then we can get through each day stronger and find the door to exit if need be. Start the day understanding you are on a journey.

How about affirming rejection of toxic thoughts upon waking up and throughout the day? Thoughts are powerful and the thoughts others put on us and that we put on ourselves can really pack a punch. I know this from my own life, the power of thoughts with toxic ones often having a particular punch. At some point it’s important to have a resolution that those toxic thoughts that keep us from realizing our full potential as a person etc..and in healthy ways are to be and will be rejected. Maybe 2024 can be the year that toxic thoughts don’t control actions, reactions and decisions.

Happy New Year, Namaste.

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