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Mockery or Critique?

We all the right to critique and provide a reasonable opinion that is well thought out. As long as that opinion is thought out, not maliciously delivered then you have a right to critique, different from being critical just to be critical.

When the LA Dodgers had a group of so called mock nuns who bask in bashing, mocking Christianity, when a public school in the UK indulges a child who says she is and wants to be treated as a cat, and rages against a student who tries to tell her she can’t treat her as a cat because she isn’t a cat. If the child has been exhibiting this patterns of wanting to be anything but a young girl, something is not right and for anyone to indulge this, rather than discerning why the child does not wish to be herself, but escape to being a cat is ludicrous. As for the mocking of the nuns, what I find irritating is the double standard we have in society. If any opinions or comments are made by conservatives on any issue they are treated like criminals, ostracized etc…Yet, when a teacher berates a student for speaking truth and saying that human being is not a cat, and that your body part inform me and others of your gender how is that okay. Yet, if conservatives berate woke extremism and anything extreme woke, the woke liberal world goes bonkers and demands apologies, reparation etc… This is not healthy for a society, for anyone. Like I said critique is actually healthy, so when we critique the dangers of indoctrination of children to the LGQBT ideology as something hip, great awesome, change your gender at the drop of a hat, or the medial dangers of gender reassignment that is not mocking. To mock is to be cruel and malicious, just throw out insult without any real research or thought out reasoning of why this is not okay.

What about Parody? Parody is not mocking, it is taking an already existing song and such to bring a point home about a person, persons or a situation. That is not the same as mocking, where one is deliberately cruel, nasty, gas lighting and all that. It’s important to understand these differences for the benefit of our society. I hope we can stop the madness of woke modernism that is destroying society, families, individuals, children, and nations. I hope we can.


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