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It’s Not Just About the Individual

When we think of healthy, wellness, we often think of the individual and physical, maybe even psychological health. Yes that is part of the equation, but not the whole equation. Health, wellness isn’t just about the physical and mental, nor is it only about the individual. What about a nation, state, city, community? There is also the spiritual and moral well being of the individual and the nation, city, state etc… Why worry about the spiritual and moral health of a city, state, nation, community? Ancient societies that fell discarded the moral and spiritual well being of the population, not talking specifically of legalistic aspects of religion.

Ancient cultures fell in part because of moral decay, total breakdown of family, greed, inner strife because in part there were no moral and ethical boundaries perhaps. Child sacrifice to the various Gods and vices, perversions of the day would have also contributed to the downfall of societies. The collective well being on all levels is as important as the individual along with their freedom to debate, engage in smart debate, to strive to grow on various levels. As I watch the extreme woke, the pride parade with naked men and women, children being exposed to this, and as I watch documentaries about what has happened under the Taliban, ISIS and such groups who take scripture that can be a solid moral guide and use it to terrorize it is quite alarming. As for the child sacrifices, well we are doing that as a society in a number of ways and it is mind boggling that the Woke crowd thinks that this is okay, that having a bunch of men and women parading the streets naked and kids seeing this along with perhaps lewd gestures or anything like that which might occur in the energy of the moment would ever be appropriate, ethical or moral in any sense. We sadly have a society where everyone is so thin skinned that they even consider exposure to the Constitution and accurate history about the fact that every group in history has been enslaved and in some way enslaved others, including Africans enslaving their own people. Then you have videos that show us how young people, college students don’t know the difference between a city and a country, how many weeks are in a year or any basics, like who did America gain independence from, duh Britain. A couple of these young people were asked where the Panama Canal was and the interviewer even emphasized the word Panama, but they couldn’t answer the question. Same when they were asked where the Queen of England was from, nor could they states in the U.S.. The answers ranged from Queens, Manhattan and Bronx to other countries being named as states. As for accurate history taught in schools, that is likely not happening because everyone is to hell bent on extreme woke and a society of anything goes, do as you please, forget any ethical, moral, common sense boundaries that our schools are too busy indoctrinating woke ideology that basics of literature, critical thinking through classics and classical literature, music, math, the sciences and respect for faith and honoring that in a healthy way is alien it seems to America and perhaps much of the world.

What about the financial well being of a family, a community etc..? That affect the mental, emotional, spiritual wellness of those residing in that family etc.., so if there is greed, materialism, selfishness, reckless spending etc..well how are the individuals in that unit going to have any good examples of caring on all levels for themselves and others? What about the planet and going to extremes in care for it, that the remedy might actually end up not working or even causing other problems like shortages of grain etc.. for food? You see cities etc.. and those that govern as well as parents, teachers etc… all have a great responsibility to make sure that all resources are managed without greed, or recklessness. Can human beings live up to this? With surrounding good examples of it, faith, deep spiritual life, again not talking about religion per se, but a true spiritual life with solid guideposts of ethics and integrity I think they can to a good degree. One must always remain vigilant.

What does all this say about our society? It doesn’t say anything good. It says human beings don’t learn from history, don’t learn from ancient cultures and their downfall. Rather human being keep going back to unhealthy patterns, to the things that destroyed civilizations throughout history, including disintegration of family etc… Yes, as individuals it is important to be healthy and well grounded, but it is also imperative to have strong emotional, mental, spiritual and moral health as a community, city, nation etc…That means ditch the narcissism, ditch the constant victim mindset, ditch the thin skin and please stop using the education system to indoctrinate woke, to teach hate of all things non extremist woke, stop sacrificing the children, the family unit and a well rounded education that honors the classics and teaches critical thinking, including agree to disagree. That is healthy.


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