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Lizzie and Tenacity

This is Lizzie my new puppy, two months old and already she is teaching me, even as I am teaching her.

She is about two pounds, yet has fierce determination, grit, perseverance. As I navigate my firbromyalgia and all that jazz, the determination etc… she shows is an inspiration to me. She doesn’t give up easily, even her bed which is not a lightweight bed, she pulls on with grit to move it to where she wants it. We teach children, even pets boundaries, not to destroy stuff, or bite hard, but they can also teach us about joy, love, affection and so much more. Yes, financially until the insurance kicks in I will be tightening my belt and I may have to eat pasta more often, but it’s okay because I am sure she will be teaching me as much as or more than I will be teaching her. Thank You Lizzie for being an inspiration to me.

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