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My Companions

Fibroymyaliga, the fatigue that comes with it are my constant companions and since having had Covid twice it just is even more so the case. Yet, that is not my only companion. What are my other companions?

My faith, my Christian faith has always been a wonderful companion, providing great comfort in prayer, in guidance, and even in a sense of community. Though Covid cut out a lot of interaction, that is changing and even if one is part of an online church and faith group, those connections are a great source of encouragement and support. I am a conservative Christian and those conservative principles I have embraced in a healthy way are a great source of comfort in all situations.

Music has always been a companion for me and also a source of healing. Sometimes I feel I have not let go of certain relationships or situations from the past and I will listen to something that is nostalgic and listen to something that will allow me cry over that which I still carry a residual of. Other times I will be drawn to listen to something upbeat to give myself the push I need to get something done. Sometimes I listen to affirmations that remind me of my spiritual faith or to believe in miracles. Why music, why is music so impacting and why should we pay attention to what type of music we are listening to and even those we care about are listening to? It can amplify feeling both good and not so good. If you are angry and then listen to angry music, well you are going to get more angry. The music an amplify your feelings, change your mood, change the brain’s thought process, so being aware of the music you are listening to is part of your wellness.

Calligraphy drawing and adult coloring books are also companions. They force me to be focused, to channel my energies and when the piece is done I feel a sense of accomplishment. Writing in general is also a great companion, as I can write what I feel about whatever is going on in my life, the world,. Writing is maybe a way we talk to ourselves, we process what is going on, but so what if that is what it is. If putting things on paper, if drawing a beautiful meadow helps ease stress so we can think more clearly then so be it. My poems, songs can relay many thing going on in my heart, spirit, soul and also inspire others. These are wonderful companions.

Lizzie, the maltese dog I am getting is going to be another great companion. Planning activities for her and I, taking her out daily so she can get some air, just having her around will be a great comfort. I look forward to buying her toys that stimulate her mind as she grows up into adulthood.

Companions can be people or hobbies that give us joy, even pets. My friend’s rabbit is also for me a source of joy when I am at her place. Nature can be a companion as one sits in the park and reads, contemplates the sky, trees, flowers. We all need companionship whether it is a person beside us, an online community, the arts, a pet. I hope you find yours and cherish it.

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