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Destruction Through Weaponizing

This blog is not a political blog, but as I watch the use of the legal system to destroy an opponent because he won’t play the game and knows all your skeletons is very concerning. This is not just about the destruction of a nation through weaponizing the law, but also can be applied to all relationships when one partner decides to weaponize emotions or even intimacy.

One way a relationship can reflect what has happened to Trump is when someone uses veiled threats to get you to act the way they want to in a relationship. If I threaten to withhold financial support, emotional support, overall family support if the person does not do as I wish, even if what I wish is contrary to their core integrity, that’s weaponizing emotions. You are playing with a fear factor of the other person thinking if I don’t do or act exactly what you want etc…then I face abandonment etc…

Another way in which this sham on the political stage made me think of relationship in general is how someone who plays another person will take a minor thing and blow it up to make the other feel totally defeated. If my partner gets the wrong bread and I make them feel like they committed some grave sin or they are an idiot for an error made that’s playing the person to keep power. If someone makes a mistake, yes we can point it out, and encourage them to take responsibility, but you don’t take a small thing and turn it into a never ending reprimand that’s about control.

Another thing that happens is that the person who wants to tear down and destroy the other simply for control or some personal vendetta is that they will try to provoke the other to anger, to act out and then they will play the victim. The kicker can be that they and their circle are actually guilty of what they are accusing you of and trying to provoke you to anger for. Often you have manipulators engaging in Pot Calling the Kettle Guilty and exaggerating the infraction and those who are fooled by them will also call the Kettle Guilty, but ignore what the accuser/s has/have done.

Then of course there is the condescending factor, treating the other as if they are just stupid, and can never think for themselves or make decisions for themselves. Often the elite in our political and corporate world treat voters and so labeled minorities which is a ridiculous term to use as stupid sheep that have to follow that Party for all generations. I never followed that expectation, so oops. When I was younger I used to be somewhat concerned if I fit in or not, how family would react to my becoming a Republican, or Non Denominational Christian. I got over it and even now when they bash Conservatives I just shrug it off. Condescending with tone or eye rolls etc…again is about control and power, with an element of jealousy mixed in. As with all toxic behaviors it is meant to tear down and control.

Politics can be an interesting look into human behavior and how that behavior including the run amok victim mentality can destroy a nation, but also if we look at it in the microcosm of community, personal relationships it can help us to see what not to do in that context. Even politics can be a great teacher.

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