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Deep Breath and Letting Go

Errands have to get done etc… and today I had a medical appointment, tomorrow I also have something to do, and Monday, as well as Tuesday. As those who have read my blog know I have a Maltese puppy almost 7 months old and she is my baby, plus she has been diagnosed with gastroenteritis. My instinct is don’t leave her and just take her everywhere. Yes she is my emotional support dog, but if she is not feeling well, probably not wise to have her taking the bus to train, so here is where letting go comes in. I signed up to a pet sitter app and I took the leap, found a sitter that felt instinctively right for me. Yeah.

My first concern was how Lizzie would react to her, but as she has her own pets and has experience, a calm energy and aura, Lizzie immediately started playing with her and jumping up. While I was at my appointment I checked in and they were taking a nice long walk. They then watched TV together, played and when I came home I had a happy to see me lively pup waiting. I was nervous, but I realized that as a good parent part of that was letting go, taking care of myself as well as her, so whether it’s medical appointments, haircut, recharge with a brisk walk it’s just as important to take care of me as it is to take care of her. Also if I don’t socialize her she will always have separation anxiety, so it’s crucial she be with other people. In a way I don’t want to make the mistake with her, my baby girl, that my mom made with me. I don’t want her to be reckless, but I also don’t want her to not be okay to explore the world out there to an extent. I have to balance my concerns, worries as a pet parent with what is best for her. Take food, as soon as I found out she had gastric issues I realized I needed to look at her food, frankly kibble with food coloring and stuff just didn’t seem right, so my vet gave me a sheet of foods she can eat, that I can cook for her. I am also looking into kibble that truly is natural, has no food coloring, additives, corn meal all that ikky stuff. Balancing my finances with her needs is another learning experience for me, so spending money on trying numerous things that she potentially really can’t eat it’s better to cook foods myself that she can eat and get the all natural kibble she can eat. Life, parenting, even friendships, work relationships, it’s all about balance, the right balance. Research, combined with really developing intuition is important. Letting to is not easy, but for relationships to thrive even with our pets there as to be a right balance, give and take. Lizzie is teaching me a lot, as well as keeping me fit.

Parenting is an interesting journey, even pet parenting, the awareness, learning curve, quiet an interesting journey.


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