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At the Core

I have always had an interest in the royal families of the world, the protocol etc…, always interested me. As I watched Harry and his wife create pain and disillusionment by throwing everyone under the bus, I realized what lies at the core of every good relationship, besides communication.

Basically, it’s trust and that goes for any relationship, even with our pets. As much as we may love someone, it is paramount that we to be able to trust them, to know that for example if we share something dear to us it won’t be plastered all over town the next day. We have to know that the other person has our back and we should have theirs. When one engages in actions that show lack of respect, and such that trust is gone and when it is gone, it’s not easy to build back up, no matter how much love there may be. I also thought about choices, ultimatums and how when you ask someone to choose between two people they love dearly it’s a heart wrenching choice to have to make. Harry basically set up an impossible situation for his father, choose between me your immature, narcissistic son and the women who is the love of your life. At a certain age you think about being alone when the kids are all grown and gone living their own lives and how you want companionship, happiness, so I understand Charles being upset that Harry trashed Camilla. I know she has always been the villain of the story, but in all fairness Charles and Diana had no business being married, it was doomed from the start. Keeps coming back to trust for me, in that as much as Charles may love his son, he can’t trust him and some might think it awful that the family has cut ties, but when you have a narcissistic, damaged person willing to throw everyone under the bus, destroy relationships etc…you can’t really have any connection to them. Yes, it’s painful, upsetting, but the well being of the entire family has to be considered. You can pray for them, send healing light to them all of that, but you can’t really have them be a part of your life.

Trust alongside communication flow is what I believe hold things together and when those are gone, rebuilding is not easy because there is a lot of hurt and pain. The person who caused all that pain, especially if it really wasn’t warranted, done in a spiteful manner etc…has to acknowledge that they didn’t handle their pain etc…well, acknowledge the damage caused etc…for there to be healing. Though we may love someone if they are a narcissistic, entitled, immature brat unless they are willing to acknowledge that about themselves and change that pattern, they can not be trusted and without trust relationships can’t really thrive or work long term.

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