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It’s About Culture and Respect

Harry and Megan wen to Nigeria and a non royal, but royal like tour, oye! First, the government didn’t invite them per se, some general did. Still, when you travel, understanding the cultural norms out of respect is common courtesy and doing your best to honor them even to some degree. That’s a sign of emotional intelligence, common sense etc…, so when one goes to another country and basically ignores all cultural norms it says you are insensitive, out of touch, selfish and not very aware. H and M, where to begin.

Let’s start with dress code. I am not saying she should have worn a full hijab, but you don’t go to a conservative Muslim, or even conservative Christian nation, going to schools, or government functions you don’t go dressed as if you are going to some beach party, back all exposed etc… There are reasons for the existence of dress codes to ensure respect and dignity of the occasion and other people there. To completely ignore that shows total lack of maturity, empathy and awareness.

Attitude, that’s a biggie. When they get to the school two young girls are there with native foods to offer the duo and part of any visit, even to relative is respect, but they showed none of that. She couldn’t be bothered, ignored them, and when Harry tried to at least appear interested she was more interested in getting photo ops. That is classic narcissism, selfishness etc…Even if you just try one thing on the dish and converse for a minute or two, it’s about being in the moment, appreciating what these people are presenting etc…

That also leads me to question motive because if you are supposed to be humanitarians etc…, but pull crap like this and the inappropriate dress well that seems contradictory and suspicious. There was the panel discussion where again inappropriate attire, but also she made it all about her, not about the issues facing Nigeria, but about her and how she is so proud to be Nigerian, which I doubt she is, and she can be a role model. Again, comes down to ethics and this shows no ethics.

Sometimes people can be a role model for how to act, behave etc…, but H & M, for one are role models for how not to act, not to behave and how to be anything but mature. It is sad. Don’t emulate these two, actually act the opposite of how they act.


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