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Redemption and Shadows

For various religious traditions this is a time of solemnity and rejoicing, of stories of redemption. How does that apply to us, to humanity? Well, it does and I was reminded of this when I came across this quote that pointed out and rightly so that there are things in our lives we wish were not part of our story, but without acknowledging them we couldn’t see how amazing our redemption has been. Not everyone will embrace redemption, including some public figures that recently were featured on South Park, but rather whine and moan, be forever victims, milk it to the hilt, without any real learning etc…

However, for those of us that do embrace redemption, that journey, even if painful, can bring us out on the other side stronger, wiser, more aware of what the dark shadows have been, how maybe we didn’t respond in the best way or the most constructive way, again I point to the previously mentioned mentioned high provide person featured on South Park. Let me say no one is trying to pick on anyone. People in the public eye are archetypes we can learn from, learning either how to be or how not to be, please. Not everyone knows my uncle so and so, but those in the public eye can be a source of study on human behavior the good, the bad and the ugly.

What about redemption itself, what might that look like? It’s a process and one thing it involves is recognizing harmful etc… behavior. For example if you quickly lose patience and are too often reactive rather than proactive with your kids, or even yourself you may need to change that. First acknowledge you do it, then give yourself positive affirmations to listen to daily about it. Maybe something like “I am patient and wise towards others” . Once you acknowledge, forgive yourself and say sorry to those you acted wrong to, even if they don’t immediately respond warmly, and mean it. Figure out what the trigger is and if there are certain circumstances where that reactive nature is triggered, stay away from those circumstances while you work on those affirmations to shift your mindset. If have certain people you get together with that brag about their perfect kids and then you go home and that is when you get reactive with the kids that’s your trigger. One option, just for a while don’t hang with that person or events where they are at while you work on shifting your mindset. Another might be listen to those positive affirmations before heading over there and maybe write a few down and put the sheet in your purse. If they brag about their kids, one thing you can do is to say something like “Yes Susan, every child has gifts, talents and we as parents recognize our kids’ gifts and talents, just like you do yours, now let’s order.” Redemption does not require vengeance, rather wisdom.

Some might feel that they have done something really rotten, so how can there be redemption? Guess what, the fact that you acknowledge you screwed up royally, as we all do at some point in life, is a vital step to redemption. Making amends where one can, even something small, can make a difference. There is a reason redemption is a theme in all or most faith traditions because human beings are imperfect and those inspired to write these sacred texts inspired, which I believe as a Christian, by a sacred spiritual force understood this. As you celebrate Ramadan, Passover, Easter know that there is redemption and forgiveness, start by forgiving yourself, shifting your mindset. Every process has a first step, what’s yours?

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