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If you like to garden, but don’t have a back yard, but maybe have a balcony, you can still create a mini garden, even plant a vegetable for two. There are some things you need to keep in mind and keep up with such as re-planing as the plant grows, or flowers grow, right soil, pruning the leaves, how much to water them and how to keep bugs away naturally, well as making sure your pets don’t eat the leaves etc….

Let’s say you decided to set up a mini garden on your balcony or in your home, the first thing you would start with a rack you can put the pots on and again if you have pets and little kids you might need to put a fence or some kind of barrier so they don’t get to the rack and eat anything they are not supposed to eat. Once you get the rack, well seeds are next and you may even have the seeds at home. Let’s look at which plants can grow in a pot.

Aloe is one plant you can plant in a pot and is good for cuts and burns. It does not need a lot of water, just the right amount of moisture. Figs are also able to be potted and grown at home and they lose their leaves when it’s cold, but need to be brought inside during the winter, and they happen to be one of my favorite snacks. Meyer Lemons can also be grown indoors and if you keep the seeds you can plant them. You will need a soil with good plant food and nutrients, good sunlight, and moisture. Do not over water, so wait till the soil is a bit dry to water and add lemon tree fertilizer every few months to keep it growing healthy. Like peanuts, well you can grow them at home in sturdy 12 inch containers, not pots, create drainage holes. Fill it with sand and loam with equal proportion. They can not be put outside in cold weather, that’s important. Cucumbers, and again keep the seeds to plant, can also be home grown. They thrive in sunshine and well drained soil and plenty of room to grow and you may have to put in a trellis, something to hold the plant up and that your pots are at least 12 inches deep. Into carrots? They can be also be grown at home. Make sure your pot has drainage holes, is at least 12 inches deep, sowing the seeds 2-3 inches deep and water regularly.

Other veggies you can grow at home are green onions, lemongrass, leek, fennel and spring onions. Onions should be grown in containers at least ten inches in diameter, as that is best for them. I would get bpa free containers, that would be my preference.  Good soil, proper drainage, good fertilizer, and plenty of light are important when growing onions.

If you want a bit of nature around, you can find things to plant at home, just need to have patience. I’ll add flowers and herbs to the list so stay tuned.

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