Not As It Seemed

House hunting is proving to be a great source of frustration, especially since I don’t have a big budget. There are few must haves in the house hunt, like cost effective, but also safe in terms of the area, property itself and all that. Not impossible, but tricky. That is not my pet peeve in this search, so what is my pet peeve?

I found what I thought was a beautiful coop, totally renovated and all that, after all the photos online looked awesome, same with photos of the immediate area, so I was excited. What happens when I get there? Nothing like the photos, not the apartment nor the area. That was really frustrating because when these sites put up these staged photos and you make your choice based on those images and that information only to find you have been duped sucks. I have four other places to look at and hope I don’t get that same let down where the place is not even close to what the pictures show it to be. It’s not only with real estate, but it seems that whether it’s that or society in general we don’t get accurate information from anywhere, hardly anywhere and that is a problem. If you don’t have accurate, well balanced etc.. info then your decisions won’t be as spot on as they could be. Seems to me that as a society we need to be much more accurately informed about everything. It’s crucial to a healthy society and for proper decision making. Hopefully the next few places I see won’t be a let down due to false presentation online.

I guess in a way the not what it seems applies to my heritage. My genealogy, DNA research has shown me to have Middle Eastern Jewish background and as far as I knew my family was always Christian. Now I have a whole new aspect of self that I am studying, understanding etc…I want to learn where things shifted, where the Christian identity came to be, when my ancestors felt compelled to shed their Jewish identity. Life is quite interesting when you look at all this, at what constitutes identity, how society doesn’t present things truthfully, accurately and that includes history taught in school probably. I hope that in my own life I present things as they are, standing firm of course in my core values, my faith, but that I don’t ever misrepresent things just for gain which is what it seems people do often in our society and that is a sad commentary on humanity, unfortunately.


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