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Calling Ourselves Out PII

Some people are very critical of others, constantly criticizing others, constantly putting others down for certain things. Not to say that if people behave badly we shouldn’t voice our concerns, but when someone is levying criticizing everyone for trivial stuff then it might just be a mirror of stuff within us that we don’t particularly like subconsciously. It could be that we subconsciously wish we had those qualities such as ambition or financial management savvy. Again, pointing out really bad behavior is necessary and a form of tough love when it is done to get that person help. When criticizing the motive needs to be looked at and also remember there is a difference between criticize and critique. Criticism is just bashing someone without any real concern to offer solutions or help. Critique is caring and calling out what needs to be called out in a constructive way that offers solutions.

What about responsibility and having tough necessary conversations? If one is constantly playing the blame game then nothing can ever truly change, shift, and there is no room for personal development. Part of personal development and maturity is owning up to mistakes made and if possible correcting the damage done. That shows strength of character, of moral fiber, whereas constantly putting blame on others, on God etc.. shows just the opposite. What about tough conversations that need to be had with our kids, spouses etc… when something just isn’t right, when financial issues have to be addressed? Are we facing it or running away? No matter where you run the issues come with you, so running doesn’t fix anything, quite the opposite. LIfe’s adversities are lessons and can teach us more than any success ever will, as uncomfortable as they are.

Toxic traits and Ego. It’s easy to point a finger at other people’s toxic behavior and big ego, but what about ourselves. Do we have the maturity, awareness to see our most toxic trait, behavior, and how our ego gets in the way of our own happiness? Often we don’t, we don’t really see what is looking back at us in the mirror, so if we can’t see well we can’t change. While we must not beat ourselves up daily for it, we have to recognize it to rectify it. That is also part of personal development seeing, realizing, owning up and correcting. It’s all part of the self development journey.

A toast to the journey of understanding self and when necessary calling ourselves out so we can make necessary changes.

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