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Narcissism Strikes Again

As I’ve said before the reason we discuss people in the public eye is because if we told you about a relative or a friend it would be hard to really grasp what was being said, clearly see the example. Having said that, I had to watch the Invictus Game clips several times to make sure I was seeing what i was seeing.

When you are hosting an event, a charity etc..the focus should never be on you, should not be your time to shine, just the opposite. It should be a time where you fade slightly into the background and the people that are the center of the event, the charity, veterans etc… should be the focus. When I watched and saw the ways in which the toxic Sussex duo made themselves the center of attention, and as the daughter of an honorable discharged veteran, who would often go off into his own world, going back to his time of service I guess, it rubs me the wrong way. First of all if you are presenting a group etc.., honoring a group etc…and I is used numerous times, not appropriate. If you show up middle of the show, have multiple wardrobe changes etc…as if it’s a fashion show, snickering, laughing at inappropriate times, hmmm again not really appropriate because you are drawing the attention to you. Whenever you are at an event that is meant to shine light on society’s ills or honor those with disabilities who have been heroic and it’s their time to shine and take the limelight yourself it’s sad, pathetic and disrespectful. Seems that this duo has never grown up, and their narcissism is without bounds. The Invictus games is just one example of narcissism from the duo, then of course the stare she gave Charlotte at the church, which really gave me a chill. If you have an issue with a child, unless the child is out of control, something where you feel threatened by their presence, it’s creepy.

Society is turning out narcissists left and right, seems that we are a society where people will do whatever they have to be in the spotlight. People seem to have this need to be exhibitionists, to draw attention to themselves and it is a scourge on society. I am not saying we shouldn’t be putting forth our best and bring out maximum potential in terms of our gifts, talents, but if someone has this need to be the center of attention at all times, it’s troubling. Again if we want examples of how to behave in a selfish manner then the Sussex duo, celebrity divas are great examples and show us how not to be. It is sad though that some people suffer this narcissistic syndrome and never grow up, but also troubling as their need for attention etc…can take away from those who truly should have the spotlight or causes that should. Sad, but in today’s society seems we are seeing this more and more. I hope the tide turns, but I sadly doubt it, rather feel it will get much worse.

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