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Energy Givers and Takers

When I saw this I felt drawn to it because these are things that I am coming to realize more and more about my life, life in general. I would like to discuss them.

Starting with takers, fear and stress are actually intertwined. If one fears life, is afraid of living life perhaps because of negative input from others in our lives or an incident in the past that overshadows how we feel about everything in life that drains energy. Being afraid and stressed on an ongoing basis especially requires lots of energy, so you burn out fast. If you add resentments and such the body breaks down. My fibromyalgia has recently gotten triggered due to stress of waiting to close on my new place, and a tense situation in the life of the friend I’m staying with. Work is a great thing, and our passion when followed career wise can be inspirational, motivational, give purpose. However, if all your time is centered around work, even your social life is all about networking for your career and you overthink every little choice etc…that’s going to quickly suck the life out of you. Balance, always think balance in all things. I am going to couple no movement and negativity because when my fibro hits hard and I am not moving about, not taking my daily walks and such negative thoughts can take over the day. Even if it’s taking a walk, and sitting outside for a while it can make a difference to your mindset and help combat negativity. As you move your energy moves and so you are not stagnant in hour spirit or soul and that matters. Mess, clutter, and also junk food will not only mess with your body due to hygiene and all that, but will affect your mindset. If everything around you is cluttered, messy and that is what you visually take in every day then your mind will also feel cluttered, messy and clear thinking is harder. Hydration, boundaries or lack of and being in front of a monitor all day are not giving you flow, creative flow, spiritual flow, physical flow, movement and making friends with the givers is crucial to living well. While the past can be a valuable teacher, one can’t live there, perish there, wither there. Today is one’s best chance of a better tomorrow.

Once I am in my new non cluttered place I plan with my puppy to go on periodic retreats for spiritual and physical wellness, and to continue my daily walks. I also to get back to writing songs and poems of spiritual nature and core. I hope to put music on in my new place and with my puppy, without causing a ruckus, dance, move and also to have a corner for meditation. Life has been teaching me, as has fibromyalgia about the givers and the takers in life. I am open to learning the lessons and improving my life one step at a time. I also hope to sign on with SDI to speek a spiritual companion to help me grow in my spiritual path, to inspire me further. If one is going to have a better life, one has to take action, be proactive.


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