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Importance of Reliability

While I wait to be given the green light to move into my new place I am staying with my friend and her daughter. The past few days the Internet was acting wonky, so I was not able to post any posts. It got me thinking.

When our technology that we so depend on is not reliable it can really slow things down, cause all kinds of ugghhh and anxiety, especially if others are depending on us or expecting things from us in a timely manor. I thought of the frustration I felt with the Net not being reliable and that led me to think about relationships and reliability, career and reliability etc… When there isn’t a base level of reliability that creates doubt, anxiety, unbalances things. It then got me to thinking about how the fibroyalgia and the issues it creates with health has created a level of uncertainty in terms of friendships etc.. If my friends find that I cancel last minute once too often they are less likely to reach out and include me in their plans and that in turn then means less of a social life. Balancing reliability with fibromyalgia, which having Covid twice and recent stresses didn’t help, is tricky for me. How do I tackle this balancing act? I am aware that to expand my wellness caliber etc..I do need to do that.

What steps am I taking? First of all getting my puppy Lizzie has helped with my emotional happiness and it does push me to get daily exercise, even if I don’t feel like it. I am looking into parks in the new neighborhood I plan to move to mapping out parks and such. I have also joined meet up groups to form friendships with women in my age group and also joined a photography group, as I have an interest in photography. What about the reliability factor? Well, with meet up or gethank groups I can see that week how I am feeling and can then decide if that activity is one I am feeling up to. I also know that if I RSVP too soon and then have a really bad fibromyalgia week I will eventually be booted from the group, so I have an incentive to be as reliable as possible. As for career, well visiting parks and things of interest to me, festivals, cultural events, cafes and doing a vlog, sharing that on youtube will allow me to do something I truly enjoy and perhaps bring in some monetary compensation. Reliability is a key cornerstone in any situation, so it is important to strive for reliability on a basic level. We can start with for example reliability with ourselves in terms of healthy habits is a good place to start and then being reliable in terms of our words matching our actions are also good steps to take.

At the end of the day reliability is credibility as Gerald Brooks said.

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