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Healthy Breakfast

The Secret to Quick and Healthy Breakfasts

Most experts agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As the name suggests, you are breaking your fast, or period when you have not been eating. Depending on what time you eat, if around 6 or 7 pm in the evening and get up about 12 hours later. Skipping breakfast would mean running on an empty fuel tank. I have breakfast at the time others would be having lunch because of the negative effects fibromyalgia and now my taking antibiotics three times a day for a nasty eye infection are having on my sleep schedule.

Even if that were not the case and I were getting earlier eating a sugary sweet donut can be worse than eating nothing because it will cause a spike in blood sugar. The spike will last about 30 minutes, temporarily boosting my energy. Once that wears off I’ll be hungrier than before and be prone to uncontrollable cravings, which can causes the pounds to pack on. I realize that and have been altering what I have for breakfast. In general due to my gastritis and thyroid making it hard to manage weight I need to eat more protein and fiber. I am also realizing that after I do start my day and have eaten, it is a good idea to take a walk.

Eggs are an excellent breakfast food as long as you’re not allergic. I like to get liquid eggs and scramble or create a thin crepe with them, adding veggies, turkey sausage roasted with my air fryer. I also like to get organic sweet crepes that I heat up as a treat once in a while and add a bit of peanut butter, and organic low sugar jam. Maybe I will add cream cheese and low sugar jam to the crepe. Yogurt with probiotics is great and I like to add healthy cereal, maybe a touch of honey. I love pancakes and waffles, so I get the organic ones, so if I put syrup, only pure maple, and some mornings I won’t put syrup. I might put honey, organic low sugar jam, non dairy topping. Finding ways to have your favorite things is not hard, just have to tweak a bit and get creative. Create your own granola, buy oats, nuts if you are not allergic of course, roast them, even in an air fryer the night before and add fruit, maybe non dairy whip cream and put it in the fridge to eat the next morning. It is important to eat that first meal of the day.

Your brain is the engine and just like a car if you don’t put fuel in your car it can’t go. Neither can you without fuel to start the day. Your mind directs your body, so if your mind doesn’t have sustaining fuel, well neither does the rest of you. You can have fun with it, get creative about breakfast, let the artist in you unleash. Fuel the engine in a healthy way, you can do it.


When choosing bread and cereals, opt for whole grains. Avoid white bread and sugary cereals with lots of food coloring. Homemade oatmeal is a great way to start the day; it is rich in fiber and can be dressed up with cinnamon and fruit.

Fresh fruit can be eaten on its own or added to oatmeal, made into yogurt parfaits, or added to cereal, pancakes, and waffles. Berries are a good choice because they are high in disease-fighting antioxidants. You

can use apples for the same reason.

Some people like to start the day with citruses, such as orange juice and grapefruit. Try to use the whole orange to get all of the fiber. Grill the grapefruit with a bit of brown sugar for a tasty start to the morning.

Slow Carbs

Slow carbs take longer to digest and are high in fiber. They release their energy slowly and should tide you over until lunchtime. They also make you less prone to cravings because you feel fuller for longer.

Bread choices include whole wheat and any 12- or 15-mixed grain breads, which usually have a dense texture and a nutty taste. Cut off the crusts if the children are picky. Use the bread for French toast or a breakfast bread pudding.

Multigrain wraps are ideal for breakfast burritos. You can make them the night before while cleaning up after dinner. Wrap in waxed paper and refrigerate overnight. Heat and eat the following day. For breakfast on the go, wrap in foil before heading out the door.

Pancakes and waffles can be made with whole wheat flour, but they will be denser and absorb more liquid, so adjust your recipes accordingly.

French toast and pancakes can be ideal bread substitutes for a breakfast sandwich, such as bacon, ham, cheese, sausage, and so on. You can also fill it with berries, cream, and Nutella for a tasty treat on the go. Cook your French toast and pancakes in batches and freeze in a zippered storage bag. Take out, heat, and eat as needed.

Potatoes in hash brown or home fries can also be a good choice, provided you don’t use a lot of oil when frying them.

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