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The Discovery Continues

My journey to self continues with the continued look at my family. It seems we are a mix of carpenters, and wealthy landowners and such with that changing due to one of my ancestors Pasquale Arbia likely gambling away the family wealth. What do I make of that, of this relative who single highhandedly took my maternal line on my grandmother’s end and turned it upside down? It’s an interesting question, though he was not the first or last to lose it all to gambling.

What I do find interesting is that from a very young age I had an aversion to bets or dares, wasn’t sure why, but maybe somewhere in my DNA the awareness of this event was prompting that rejecting of bets or dares and a certain disdain for it. I am not sure what my life would have been like if he hadn’t messed it up. If they had still been of noble standing etc… well probably mom would have been married to some nobleman. If that is the case would I even be here or what I still have been born to the same mom? Who would have been my dad, some Count maybe? It is a bit fun to think about once in a while, but I don’t resent the fact that I am where I am and with the family I am in. My family, my friends that I can count on one hand are also family and we are there for each other, so it’s okay. Awareness of the journey of those before me and what brought me to the place I am today is quite magical, no matter what is found out.

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