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The New Chapter Headache

Life’s new chapters can be quite exciting, but also challenging. I love the fact that I get to start a new chapter, having moved out of my old place, but while I look for a new place, a few glitches. My state ID has my old address, but I am staying with kin, so when I set up anything for KANY Wellness or anything at all it becomes a bit of a headache. I can give my old address as I have mail forwarding, but still when filling out anything that requires you to submit ID, well my ID still shows my old address. Since I have not secured my new place yet I can’t give a new address. Oye!

Situations like these show us what we are made of in a sense. I could get into a frenzy, regret the choice of a new chapter etc…, or I can just go with the flow and work around these minor headaches. I am determined to create a platform for wellness, a platform that covers not only physical wellness, but also spiritual, emotional, financial, every aspect. I hope you will support this labor of love as I navigate this journey of a new chapter.

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