The Bond

I spending a lot of time with my friend Preya and her daughter 13, whom I have known since she was six. We often have sleepovers, are like family. In the past my allergies would flare up so badly around cats, dogs, any animal with fur or hair. I was nervous about staying with my friend for this reason. Then something happened as I bonded even more with Peanut, taking allergy meds twice day and one or two other precautions and I’m not having major allergy issues. Even when he is not feeling okay and I cuddle him, hold him close to my chest as I would a child if they needed comfort, no major sneezing, or coughing.

I told my doctor this and that they also had a very affectionate rabbit. We were trying to figure out why I have not had any really heavy duty reaction, some sniffles, but nothing major. I was trying to figure it out and today with my friend out of town and it being just me and Peanut I had a revelation. He was not feeling well and as I scooped him up used baby wipes to wipe him down, cradled him and wrapped him in part of my cooling blanket, even had the fan on since he was wheezing and panting, to give him a bit of a cool breeze. I am the doggie sitter whenever she is out of town and her daughter is staying at her dad’s. I realized my maternal bond and sense of care for him is so powerful and our bond is so strong (when I do stay over he won’t sleep in house in my friend’s daughter’s room, wants to sleep with me, be close to me) that it transcends anything. It is a beautiful thing to be able to nurture, to have a solid bond and it does teach you about yourself, your capacity to love, though when he does misbehave I do give a bit of reprimand, but lovingly. This bond with this love dog is teaching me a lot about my ability to love, be loved, to take care of another individual and perhaps more that I have yet to realize. Pets can teach us a lot, and they deserve to be treated with the utmost dignity, love, respect. I think for me anyway caring for Peanut, especially when he isn’t feeling well tells me what kind of person I am and my great capacity to love and be loved. Thank you Peanut.

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