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Not For Everyone

The holidays tend to be a time of joy, of spending time with friends and family, but that is not the case for everyone. There may have been a recent loss, or one may not be living close to friends, family. Perhaps one has moved to a new place, and doesn’t really know anyone. What can you do if you find yourself alone, maybe even just you and your pet? You could let it bring you down, depress you etc.., or you could embrace being alone, even at this time of year. How?

One thing you can do is meditate, really get in touch with you, where you are, how far you have come, and where you are going, how you might want to get there that is healthy. You can spend the time watching old movies, just getting comfortable with yourself. Often we are surrounded by noise in life, society that we don’t even really know ourselves, don’t appreciate what we have accomplished etc..Rather than look at it as the glass is half empty see it as half full.

You can get creative, get an arts and crafts kit and let your creativity flow, maybe bake a new cookie or cake recipe. Maybe you start playing that keyboard you’ve been staring at, something that you haven’t had time to do. How about with those arts and crafts you make stuff for an upcoming family get together? That time alone doesn’t have to be spent being depressed, but can be a time when you connect to creativity, even spirituality more deeply. Don’t waste that precious holiday time, celebrate it by doing something you maybe didn’t have time to do before.

Create your own tradition/s. Having found out I have Jewish ancestry, but accept Yeshua as Messiah has given me the idea to start my own traditions next year when I move to my own place. I may not have a tree, but may just have battery operated candles and tinsel all over my home, in the windows and a tree that reflects a combination of my newly discovered Jewish ancestry, as well honoring my family’s Christian heritage that I grew up with. Get creative, create your own traditions and if you have moved to a new place, well you make friends and next year you can host the festivities with your traditions.

Do you have to be alone? No because even if you don’t have a physical presence of people with you, there is social media and you can create a holiday movie watch group online and invite people to zoom watch the movie with you, then cheer with some apple cider. With today’s world of technology no one needs to be alone and for those who have had a loss and are alone that doesn’t mean one has to be lonely. There are online support groups to reach out to during the holidays that you can interact with, share memories, not feel alone.

Perhaps volunteer, even if it is to bring meals to those in your immediate vicinity and be grateful for what you do have.

The holidays can be a difficult time, but they need not be a time of pain and despair, or depressing lonliness, unless we chose that to be the case.


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