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My Wellness Journey

Recently I had one of those not so fun colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures and I was told I have gastritis and that I had to change some things. I have been slip and sliding on this journey to greater wellness. I had already started to make changes, but I figure I needed to sit down and figure out what holistic lifestyle changes I could make. What will my wellness journey look like on this continued road?

One thing for sure 30 minutes of exercise daily, unless of course I am sick with a cold or my allergies are really making me feel yuk, yuk, yuk. Part of wellness is maintaining healthy weight, so I am aware that I need to slim down. 145 pounds is not that bad, but as you get older the body metabolism slows down, so if you are not active then that’s going to make it worse. With fibromyalgia the type of exercise I do matters, since hard core stuff can make it worse. I have a vibration platform machine I exercise on part of it I do sitting and part of it standing.

Besides exercise what else am I doing to feel better? I am starting to drink Fennel tea after my early day meal and every other day also green tea later in the day. I am eliminating processed foods as much as possible, as well as any foods I know will cause upset to my digestive system. For snack, peanut butter and a bit of organic jam on whole wheat toast, or celery with a bit of low fat cream cheese, cereal that is organic and has very little sugar. I only have steak once a week, the rest of the time chicken or turkey, maybe once in a while lamb. It’s important to figure out the best eating habits that will help not hurt our bodies.

Stress is a major destructive force on all levels, so what can you do? I am picking and choosing my battles because if we are constantly engaging in battles with others that is not going to help our health. I try not to get agitated and in warrior mode over any little thing, trying to be wiser in when to engage in battle and when to just walk away. I make sure to meditate and take time to cleanse any negative energy that I may have encountered during the day and let it go. I also have an air purifier that I run much of the day, so I can control my allergies and make sure to clean the house every other day, dusting and whatever I need to do to keep the house clean and free of dust.

I will be keeping you posted on what else I am doing and how that is going to get to the wellness level I want with my life. Later Gaters.


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