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Fool Me Once etc…

I promise I am going to touch lighter topics for several days after this post, but I just had to write this one. As I said before celebrities and such are used as archetype example and The Sussexes are no exception, and I might add as a message to them: “You don’t get to complain about attention if you are out there bringing it to yourselves. If you truly don’t want attention, then don’t be celebrities, write anything or try to be influencers, or high profile philanthropists. Go somewhere quiet, remote, have a garden, grow your own stuff, be truly sustainable and don’t let anyone know where you are.”

They are furious for example at Piers Morgan and others who no longer sing their song. Here is the thing and it is a lesson for everyone, people will initially give you the benefit of the doubt and support you, any initiatives you undertake. Great, awesome, woo hoo may the road rise up to meet you. However, and there is often in life a whatever, especially believe it or not in the spiritual and karma realm. Living a life of intention also means having pure of heart and soul intentions and as long as the intentions are pure and you are living with truth, honesty on your lips, different from “your truth” then people will continue to support you. When they see narcissistic tendencies, lies and contradictions, deception, gas lighting, vindictiveness, bitterness, blame game for everything that happened and happens to you show up, they are going to step away and possible turn their back on you. The Sussexes are not the only ones who engage in this kind of behavior, like for example saying he wanted to be just Harry, her mocking the Queen curtsy, but constantly demanding to be Duke and Duchess, addressed as such. Shaming the family, denying them even because unless they are ax murderers or have left you in the street and starving, people take a dim view of denying your roots. It reeks of I am too good to be associated with you. Do family members always make the right decisions? No, they are human, but unless they have been horrid and abused you then it rubs people the wrong way. One can discuss dysfunctional dynamics and such to help others, but there is a difference between that and acting in ways that show narcissism, immaturity, and vindictiveness. That people find hard to stomach. Same with philanthropy and we love it when others are trying to make the world a better place, but when you do it for the underlying purpose of look at me or it is perceived as such, then it’s not so much appreciated. If one is going to receive an award the entity that gives it really needs to be sure that whoever receives it truly has made a huge mark and is if possible of pure intentions.

Another problem with the Sussexes is not only the contradictions and iffy aura surrounding archwell, but that as soon as anyone calls them out they call the race card or such thing and that only makes it worse. The blame game that narcassists and those types of personaity play gets old fast, as does the poor little boy or girl me. Some housewife reality stars also fit the this mold, not just the Sussexes and I think we know who I might have in mind, let’s leave it at that. At some point people expect you to put your big boy and girl pants on and take responsibility for your choices, actions or even inactions. No it’s not fun being all grown up sometimes and having to face that you screwed up, made mistakes, poor judgement, maybe didn’t handle finances or situations or relationships as well as you should have. People appreciate more someone who will take responsibility and not constantly blame everyone and everything else, won’t contradict themselves like H does when in the beginning of spare he talks lovingly of his dad and then makes it as if dad didn’t love him. It’s these contradictions, these types of things, especially in pattern that make people suddenly want to back away, not deal with you and even set the record straight. Goals and a certain level of ambition is great, except when you decide you will do anything, attack anyone, destroy anyone to stay relevant, then it’s not just ambition, it’s destruction and not healthy.

Let the Sussexes and others in the public eye who have allowed their narcassism, stuck anger etc…to rule their lives, decisions, choices so we don’t do the same.

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