Can Healthy Snacking Be Fun?

Snacks are part of life and in summer if you have a back yard, balcony or like to sit outside snacks might play a part of that. At the same time you don’t want to have something that will make you feel bloated and ikky later, so what can you do?

One thing to do is grill veggies and put them in a non bpa plastic container, and you can combine that with some skim mozzarella or non dairy cream cheese. I have tried peanut butter and banana, once I added a touch of organic honey, on toast. Red, Yellow and green pepper slices maybe dipped in homemade mustard dip or avocado dip can be a colorful snack. Maybe in terms of bread well how about some multi grain or wheat flatbread crackers? How about combining skim mozzarella and low fat cheese with watermelon or fresh peach slices? Maybe roast some chickpeas, peas, that type of legume and mix that with shredded low fat cheese. Snacks like these can even be made with help from the kids, so making snacks can be a family affair. Snacks can be great , but they should also nourish you. I hope you enjoy the summer and that you can enjoy snacks that are fun and also healthy because they can be both. I am looking forward to moving to a new place, start a new chapter and with state of the art appliances I hope to get into more natural creative ways to snack. I will continue to share some summer stuff.

Snack and enjoy without having to feel ikky later. Happy June 2023.

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