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What Kids, Youth Need PI

Leading by example. It’s one thing to tell someone do or don’t do this or that, but what are we showing our kids, youth? Even if you aren’t a parent, but an aunt, older cousin, teacher it matters if our words match our actions. When we tell our kids, youth to be respectful, are we showing that to others? If we are being bullies etc… ourselves then why should we expect our kids, youth to act any differently. Lead not just by words, but by actions.

Let them know family loves them, hug them. We don’t have to like someone’s actions and we can lovingly let them know that. It’s important to let them know that while we may not be in agreement with their actions we will always love them. We don’t have to always like our kids, youth and they don’t always have to like us, but we should make it clear love is never going to change. You can love them, but not their actions, behaviors, attitudes. That’s okay.

Discipline, yeah the nasty D word. Love without discipline is basically spoiling and potentially creating narcissistic idiots let loose on society. We have seen examples in celebrities and even a certain duo in M California. While loving is important it is also important to have lines in the sand and consequences for crossing those lines. Sometimes single parents or parents for whatever reason feel guilt and will shy away from discipline and just say yes to everything. What happens when they grow up and others won’t always say yes? You are setting them up for a catastrophe. Lines drawn, making it clear why they are drawn, exist, consequences and sticking to the consequences part is part of building healthy adults that contribute to society.

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