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Self Awareness Is…

Self awareness is important in life’s journey, not as a way of becoming self conscious, but a journey we undergo to better understand where we have been, where we are and where we hope to be. We want instant answers, instant gratification, instant everything, but life is about cycles, process. Sometimes the process is smooth, and other times it’s not, very bumpy, but if we can focus on gaining wisdom from the cycle, process, journey then we can move through it having gained insight about ourselves and others. The destination isn’t what teaches you, shapes you etc.., but rather the journey to get you there.

My coming to the realization that what I truly love is writing, sharing my journey, my faith through poetry, song, and making my priority leaving a positive legacy. I am hoping to set up a home recording space in my home so I can record meditations for you to help you along life’s journey. Surround yourself with wise people, people who have a great balance of realism and also great hope, faith. Setting goals is positive, but remember that what will ultimately determine who you are when you reach that goal, destination is determined by the journey itself, lessons learned etc..Never forget that.


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