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Power of Music

Music can be a wonderful tool for calming, healing etc…Of course different types of music have different types of effects, and they can be positive or negative. It can calm, excite or agitate. I want to in this post talk about positive effects of music in general.

One thing music can do is distract us from negative loops. Sometimes we have stuff going on and we can start thinking in loops about what could go wrong, even if we have a contingency plan in place. Calming and positive music can help distract us from those negative loop thoughts. It can also increase dopamine, the feel good chemical, so it can help shift our moods. Chemicals play an important part in our moods, so balance in our internal chemistry is important, but stress etc.. can throw it out of whack a bit. Music can stimulate the positive chemical dopamine. Nice, huh, a natural high.

Certain beats can help us stay awake, focus, concentrate, even stimulate creativity, again natural high. Other beats and such can do the opposite, relax us and help put us in a state of rest and sleep. Regularly listening to music can help one’s mood and help balance the chemicals in our brains to help keep our mood stable. I personally listen to music most of the day, relaxing music, or even Gregorian chant and before I go to sleep I will listen to soft classical music and such for a better sleep. It can also help with pain. Especially combining the right soft music, aromatherapy and meditation even more so, something else I like to do regularly.

Music, aromatherapy, meditation are all wonderful natural ways of changing the mood etc…Are you ready to tap into the power of music? Hope so.


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