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Binaural Beats

What beats are best for what situation? Medically it has been looked and there are lower and higher level beats, so I am going to discuss which beats are connected .to what.

If you are looking for binaural beats to fall asleep, manage pain, meditation, slow down aging and go into a deep unconscious mind then you want music with a BB of 1-4 HZ. Are you looking for BB for meditation and creativity,? In that case, you want to find music with 4-8 Hz. What if you are looking to focus, study, be positive and flow with the flow? Then you want HZ of 8-14. Let’s say you have a complex presentation to make, need to be able to think critically, answer whatever question is thrown at you? You might want to listen to music before the presentation of 14-30 HZ. You might also consider listening to music with Gamma level BB of 30-100.

How do you know which BB is right for you, since each person will react differently? One thing is to find someone who does music therapy and can create a program for you of which beats are best for you. Also you can put on very soothing meditation music and try the various beats with this guideline at home, only in very short increments, to see how you feel. I would suggest when you are going to do anything like this, even a combined aromatherapy, bb and meditation, might want to do it with someone you trust being there with you. It may be a bit of a woa, WTH kind of experience as you get used to this experience.

As with anything, even meditation, moderation is key. These are tools to be used to help you find clarity, move through stressful situations, not run away from life. Getting lost in things whether meditation or drugs anything is never a solution. Aromatherapy etc… are great natural tools meant to help one find clarity, grounding etc…, not as ways of escaping life or dealing with it. Yes, one should pamper one’s self periodically, that’s a good thing. Remember, navigate and move through things, don’t try to outrun them because that never works long term.

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