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Society has shifted in many ways, but is that good or bad? To me it’s more about what is appropriate, what’s healthy and do we truly need to throw adult topics, situations in the face of our young? To we need to create confusion for humanity with having these extreme views on masculine, feminine, gender to where we seek to decimate the male species, any form of masculinity, or even what family is? How far is too far in shoving alternative views or views down anyone’s throat and trying to destroy the lives and careers of those who don’t agree with those views etc…? Do we not have age appropriate games and music? We did and should.

Those questions are questions that have great merit. One of the things that makes me cringe is that the liberals are not at all being liberal in the classical sense, such as someone like Alan Dershowitz is. I understand that we won’t all think exactly the same way, but when the so called liberals implement things that destroy reputations, businesses, lives, including refusing bank accounts based on non ESG or liberal woke philosophy compliance we have ventured into very dark, controlling, maybe worse than communist dictatorship territory. With Communism, or such a dictatorship well people know that is how Communism works, but when we have so called Democracies, or Democratic Constitutional Republics pulling this stuff it’s very sick and tells us we are in a very sick society. I understand we don’t want bullying, or discrimination and we don’t, but to indoctrinate people with extreme ideology that says hate men, hate women, hate heterosexuals, hate America, hate this, hate everything, be a victim of everything and are teaching this from a very young age, that is sickening. It also is a spit in the face to those who fought so that things wouldn’t be determined by race or anything but the content of their character. Let’s take bulling for example. Bullying can be taught without all the other socially confusing stuff, especially to young children. Bullying is not about an anything goes lifestyle, or parading half nude down the street with a rainbow flag, which shows no self respect, not dignity, no ethics, no integrity in doing so or any extreme woke stuff. it’s about teaching that whether you agree or disagree with someone you do not have the right to be cruel or make their life a living hell. If I had kids and schools were teaching them in elementary school about lifestyles to teach not to bully people I would be livid. Any discussions about sexuality etc…are not for the school to discuss or teach my children. There is something insidious going on in our society and it is creating hate, division, encouraging lack of ethics, integrity, leaving children and young people open to doctrines of hate against practically everything, especially anything of faith, anything that says clear, no lines crossed ethics, morals etc..That is not a true liberal society. Every once in a while you will be getting my views of what is going on in this crazy world and this is one of them, especially because I worry about what it is doing to our children this anything goes, explicit Beyonce lyrics society, a society where if you are not woke enough you can’t have a bank account, maybe even be denied medical care soon if this direction continues, or even a job, and drag queens read to little children about very adult subjects. This is not society I can ever respect, not truly and that is sad, very sad indeed.


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