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Healthy Friendship?

Friendship, a beautiful thing and we all want kids to have friends, to socialize. However, how do you know when a friendship is unhealthy? As I researched I was reminded of a childhood friendship that I had and realize there were several of these components to it. While we should want kids to socialize, recognizing what are signs of a co-dependent friendship that is perhaps not so healthy is important. What are signs of a co-dependent friendship?

I get that we have a BFF, but if you can only do stuff with that person and they get all nasty etc..if you include anyone else in your social life or someone is doing this to your kid, something is not right. We should have several people we associate with, that’s healthy. If there is jealousy and either party ends up giving up all other friendships to appease the other, something is rotten somewhere. Also, while we should inspire each other to be the best possible me each of us can be, if that person has total influence to where the individual seems to have no opinion or thought of their own, or is afraid to then again something is rotten somewhere. Trying to cut that kind of cord is not easy and I will discuss in the next post how to cut ties with co-dependent individuals. I think first one has to recognize one is in a co-dependent unhealthy relationship. In my next post I will talk about how to break free of co-dependency. I will also be penning a letter on my blog to a certain Montecito duo. Why one might ask would I do that on a wellness blog? I have talked about narcissism and aspects of personality, and as I said public figures being public are going to get talked about, analyzed. I thought why not put my thoughts into a letter. They may never read it, but being as i have talked about narcissism and all that jazz, why not.

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