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It’s a Process

When you plant a seed does the flower, veggie etc…spring up overnight? Can you make good wine in a week? Can you make gourmet meal by just throwing a bunch of ingredients together and throwing it in a pot? The answer is no. It takes the right ingredients, right nurturing, patience, and to really have quality shortcuts don’t work very well. Life is like that, relationships are like that. There is not quick way to have things in life flourish and have solid ground. Yes that can mean some not so joyful stuff going on, growing pains. We may have plans and as the saying goes we plan and God laughs. If you choose to embark on a new career path. There is a process of adjustment, new skills needing to be learned etc… and it can be frustrating, but once you master those skills it’s a good feeling. When you set a goal, don’t rush, really be aware of the process, appreciate the journey, lessons learned etc.. May this PIN inspire you.

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