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The Conflicting Discovery Continues

My DNA ancestry results are further refined, which is awesome and also a bit of what the heck. The three tests I did showed Jewish ancestry, but the one I did with Heritage DNA really narrowed it down. I like knowing where my roots are on my maternal side and it has been interesting.

However, there is a bit of catch with this discovery as it turns out I am of Persian/Iranian ancestry, but also Mezrahi Jewish ancestry. My Iranian heritage is literally in the world at war with my Jewish ancestry and I am not sure what to do with that. Again, there is my deep faith that Yeshua is the Messiah, and having been Christian all my life, but knowing Christian made my ancestors lives a misery and then drove them out of their homeland, maybe at some point forced conversion to Christianity. Again, I firmly and freely accept Yeshua as Christ, but to know that my ancestors were mistreated most likely by that same group of people ancestral wise is a bit jarring. It also makes me realize that we are really all a puzzle with various pieces forged over time with good, bad and ugly. We are the sum total of many generations and choices they made. If they had had different circumstances, made different choices I might not be who I am or where I am geographically. It’s interesting to realize that, and humbling that I take freedom of living in the Western free world for granted when my ancestors had to fight to survive, were thrown out of their homeland for being Jewish. I really do need to be more aware of my blessings, and learn more about my Persian as well as my Mezrahi Jewish ancestry more in depth, be proud of it. It has a rich tradition that I will likely find very interesting and tell me more about who I am.


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