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We all want to live a better life and holistically, which is a journey. I am going to provide tips for that journey to a holistically better life.

First look at what you want to achieve three key goals overall in different sectors of your life which are spiritual, emotional etc.. and I have enclosed an image of such a wheel to help you get a better idea of what I am referring to. Often, the best way to figure out the steps along the journey is to basically ask key questions. Often it is best to take one sector of the wheel at a time to bring about changes that then lead to a holistic change, so as to not overwhelm yourself. Once you decide what aspect to work on, what questions should you ask yourself and answer? I am going to help with that.

What attitudes and habits would you need to eliminate from your day to day life to achieve your goal Let’s say you identify five things, start with two for a few weeks, then another two then the final one, what is important is consistency. When we give something up, it is a good idea to then substitute it with attitudes and habits you should incorporate, you also need to ask yourself what attitudes and habits you might need to incorporate to reach your goal. Let’s say you need to be eat less sugar or fats and need to be more active, well as you decrease sugar intake, maybe add 15 minutes of light exercise and mediation three or four days a week. What might you need to make more time for, such as exercise, meditation, the family, self care? Maybe you don’t need to be on every committee in town and need to learn to say no. Balance, a lot of it is about balance. If you start here then you can make progress to holistically having a better life. I hope this provides guidance and insight, see you Part II.

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