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Archetypes Part II

Creator is the one with the larger vision, creativity and all that jazz, with great willpower and very determined. On the positive side they can create amazing works of art, of science etc… come up with some really great ideas. If you need something done requiring lots of imagination and creativity, then you want them on your team. The flip side of the coin is that the creator can be disconnected and in their own little world of fantasy and imagination. Outside of the creative realm they may not be the best communicators, as they may withdraw into their creative world. You hear of musicians locking themselves in a room for hours oblivious to the family, whatever is going on around them. They can get lost in their creativity. If you are a very creative type or have someone around who is it’s important to guide them to things that will provide grounding and engagement with the larger world.

Caregiver has a huge heart, very generous, always there to help, nurture, sympathetic. Especially for the helping professions it’s great. This person will be there for everyone, and on the surface seems great, right? Yes and no in that yes they are a great help when there is a crisis or a health issue etc…, but on the down side they forget about themselves and if that is the entire focal point of their identity they can want to keep people dependent on them and that can create problems. They also will burn themselves out if they do not balance care for others with care for self. The caregiver must know when and how to set boundaries, as well as take care of themselves and be made to be taken care of also at times. If one is burnt out and sick, one can’t do anything for anyone. It’s important to keep that in mind.

Mentor is the person who is always calm, in all situations, always has words of wisdom and great insight to offer. They are great at guiding others, steering others in the right direction often times etc…Young people, even older people transitioning to new things, divorcing, suddenly being single, mentors are great to help navigate new situations. That’s the plus side of the coin. Like every archetype there’s a shadow side and the mentor is no exception. It is a big responsibility and can get overwhelming, so the mentor needs healthy outlets to shake off what can be a heavy load, as does the caretaker.

It can occur that you have a combination of archetypes. The caretaker can also be one who mentors others. It is important to understand that anything in excess is going to end up being a negative and archetype personality traits is no exception.

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