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Why It Matters

The Mirror had an article about The Sussex duo and it tracked at least 17 outright lies and exaggerations. Even the Heart of Invictus series had lies he told, such as lack of support, which contradicts what he said elsewhere about how his brother offered support, concern etc.. and got him to get help. Not to mention that the military would have provided every resource to him for any PTSD, but being he is a petulant child it seems, he may have refused it. Let’s first look at the lies and then I will discuss why it matters from my perspective.

One lie was the secret wedding they claim they had, which was debunked by the Church of England itself, yikes. She also claimed she had been silenced, restricted etc.. by the monarchy, but wait Meghan Markle guest edited British Vogue magazine in the middle of supposedly being silenced, hmmm. There is of course the claim of Harry to want a private life, to hate the media, paparazzi and all that jazz. If that is the case, why be so public and as some accounts have said call the paparazzi on themselves? 2 = 2 is not adding up to four with this toxic, stuck in the past, duo. Let us not forget the claim of the passport being taken away, but wait she traveled the world as a royal, so that again doesn’t hold water. Could it be that they have a safe where all documents of the royal household are kept for security reasons? Yes and that would make sense, but to make it seem as if they had her hostage is, well yes I am going to use the word, nutmeg. There is the complaint of lack of protection once they exited The Firm, which I still don’t understand their complaint. You were not willing to do the work as part of the firm, but want the firm to protect you and your family. No, doesn’t work that way, so quit whining. This is just a partial list, but why does this matter?

It matters because for one they are public figures and when you are or choose to be public, high profile others, especially younger people will tend to emulate you. If you are and behave as a whole, well rounded, healed individual who is a person of truth, integrity etc…you are then encouraging others to behave the same way. If on the other hand you are continually behaving like a petulant, woe is me etc… brat who exaggerates or worse to get attention, for money that’s what you are putting forward for people to emulate. Also, if you have no truth in you how can anyone ever trust you? This due have made themselves people who can not be trusted by family, by anyone. It matters because we have created a society of whiners, professional ongoing victims , haters and it is destroying society. Yes, integrity matters, ethics matter, not throwing people who have cared about you, even if not perfectly, as no human being is perfect matters. If you want to know how not to behave, how not to have ethics, integrity these two are good examples of that and examples you should strive never to emulate. It is sad when a person is so angry, bitter, so narcissistic etc…that they are their own worst enemy. If you are in such a pattern find the right people who will set you straight and help you turn it around for your sake and all those who are or have to be in your sphere of life. It will be much appreciated.


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