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Power of Movement

One thing I have noticed about myself is if I do my vibration platform and move around, even take a short walk, or stay outside on my balcony for a bit. Movement can help with cardio and even with mental clarity. Sometimes if we feel we need clarity dance, movement even in our own living room, doesn’t have to be choreographed, just some kind of dance movement, making sure we don’t trip over anything can be helpful.

What are the benefits, why does movement help with clarity etc…For one it releases endorphins which change our mood, can lift our mood. If you have chronic mild pain, some kind of movement daily is important as it can help reduce inflammation. Of course it is always a good idea to consult your physician to see what level of movement and exercise. Muscle mass is also important and movement, even light exercise can help preserve muscle mass which we lose as we get older. If one is feeling fatigued then movement can help energize you for the day, can give you that natural boost. Movement will also help sharpen the mind, focus and concentration, so if you have a test coming up or something that needs your mind to be sharp, then a little bit of movement and light exercise. Movement is also important for the health of your joints, heart, body in general, as well as your emotional health. Going out, walking around a bit, just taking in fresh air, interacting with life can make a difference. All this can lead to better sleep. If you are in movement during the day then at night you will be tired and have a better chance of sleep and better quality of sleep.

A bit of dancing, bit of walking, or in my case 15-30 minutes a day of the vibrating platform can make a difference for our physical, emotional and mental well being. Get moving and feel better.

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