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Life’s Angels

When I sold my coop due to it being financially in a bit of bind I was not sure what I was going to do and in today’s world of turmoil all kinds of scary thoughts can come up, but luckily there are angels in this world. My friend P is one of them. She offered her home and as she is also in a bind, and is concerned for her own future with her daughter, so in times of uncertainty you find out that angels do exist. We came up with a plan to work as a team to get a place and ensure we have a home for the future. It is easy to feel alone when times are tough, but we are not truly alone and if we have extended our own kindness in any way to someone, it will come back to you. Life will always have challenges, but it is how we deal with them, how we reach out, and are reached out to in those times that count.

Please know that even when it seems that there is no one there, there is always someone there, God, Yeshua, Holy Spirit, a poem, a song, an angel somewhere, so never despair, never fear, believe, and stand strong, there is light.

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