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Healthier Lifestyle PII

Again, questions are not a bad thing on the journey to wellness. One thing to ask yourself is what naturally makes you feel alive, feel like you are part of life, the world of the living, not just existing? Could be music, nature, learning about cultures, cooking, praying. What naturally makes you feel alive, participating in life actively? Once you know that, you can find ways to incorporate that into your life more often, but first you should try and understand what makes you feel alive. It’s also inspiring to ask others what they love most about you and ask them to please be honest. When someone says what they love about you, pay attention, not to beat yourself up, but to learn. If they say, even in a half joking manner that you are such a pushover, that’s not necessarily a positive. Doesn’t mean you suddenly go all mean on people or say no to to everything, but it does mean maybe you need to set better boundaries, prioritize and sometimes say no if you have too much on the plate, so to speak. Think of it as a learning experience into the looking glass. What do you like about you? Could be that you like that you are a good friend, or the creative streak in you, affirm that humbly to yourself and for yourself. Ask and learn, part of life.

What about quotes that inspire you or a short poem? If you don’t have one, maybe find one. For me the one I keep going back to is “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”, so find one or two or three you can go back to in your present journey. Sometimes we aren’t sure how we feel, so it helps to sit quietly and see what poem, song etc… comes to mind and write it down. Remember that what you feel, what you perceive in that moment, especially if there is anger, frustration, pain may not be an accurate reflection of the facts of a situation. If you can articulate what you feel, release it constructively in writing, maybe sing it, preferably without having anyone call 911 due to screaming and disturbance. Keeping things in, repressing, suppressing all the time or often is not healthy, it may cause you to then act out in passive-aggressive ways.

Part of health and wellness includes emotional and psychological wellness, along with the physical side of it. Namaste.

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