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A Letter to Mr & Mrs Sussex

I begin with a reminder that you chose to make yourselves, even after leaving the safety net of the royal family, a public couple. You seek the A list crowd, high profile projects etc…, so privacy is not your friend. You want to sue the media, sue youtubers for giving the public an analysis of your behavior, well that’s quite hypocritical. I wanted to start with that, though as bitter, angry, needy narcissists from the looks of it, with not much common sense you might not even realize your are being hypocritical.

Public figure means exactly that. It means that you will be scrutinized, critiqued and criticized as it is deems warranted whether you like it or not. It means your crap will be called out whether you like it or not. That is what happens when you are a public figure. Had you not wanted any of this then you should have perhaps bought a sustainable farm somewhere remote and lived a very quiet life. You also should perhaps not have written books, lied about kinfolk, childhood etc…You perhaps should not have pretended you know nothing of the royal family because frankly unless you were born in a remote cave and never say daylight there is no way you would not have known about the royals. These kinds of thing throw any credibility you would have had out the window. It is not because of race that your credibility is out the window. It is your own behaviors. Own up to it.

Regarding the royal entry and then exit. There is such a thing as respect for history, historical institutions and elders, which would have included the Queen. Are any of the royals perfect? Is any family perfect? Is any institution perfect being that it is run by human being and as we know human beings have flaws? No, none are perfect. However, one sign of maturity is the ability to show respect to elders in a general sense and historical institutions. The blatant disrespect shown for all of these is a sign of immaturity and in lying about them just to monetize, to gain fame etc.., even in the name of charity, oye! Another sign of disrespect, immaturity and narcissism is thinking one can go in and bulldoze right through the protocols etc…and be beloved. That is also delusional frankly.

Life after your exit has been less than stellar and not because of the you tube community calling out your inconsistencies etc..,but because of your own actions, making it all about you, even awards or speaking at the UN it’s all about you. When most of your speeches, podcasts focus on you, you and you or you don’t put in the effort etc…necessary for a craft etc..expect to be called out, mocked even. Calling out your shenanigans is not harassment, it is showing people how not to behave, what not to do if they want to be seen as a mature adult. As for your safety, again if you are going to openly say where you live, go all high profile in where you dine etc…look to get awards and then moan about suing the UK police for protection don’t expect not to be mocked. On the next point.

The trauma and celebrating the use of drugs to cope with issues. You lost your mom, yes, we get that. I actually went to the Central Park Memorial for her in NYC. You are not the only one Harry who lost his mom, so did your brother. The Spencer family also lost her, as did the public who loved her. You do not have a monopoly on grief, yet you exploit it and her memory every chance you get, which is quite disturbing. You openly seem to advocate the use of drugs to cope with pain, knowing many young people would be paying attention to what you say, which is quite reckless and again shows great immaturity. You have made trauma a currency Harry and that is highly unethical. Megs, you have lied about your family, disparaged the opportunities given to you such as the Deal or No Deal gig, keep trying to copy others in dress etc…which is sad as it shows you have no original thought. Your trolls worked to destroy your family on social media most likely, which again is quite disturbing.

Once again I reiterate you are public figures, thus you have put the bullseye of critique and criticism on your own front and back, no one else. You have let everyone know through your sugars etc.. where you live, where you have your second home etc…, but as narcissists of great immaturity you will blame others if they drive by or arrange a bus tour which is legal and not harassment if that were done. In a nutshell grow up, stop exploiting family, titles, Diana etc… and go live a truly private life. If not then do not get in a tizzy when we do call you out, both of you for your shenanigans. As public figures you are archetypes that we share as examples of narcissism etc…As for those titles, again hypocritical to use them, not renounce them, renounce your place in the line of succession and yet say you just want a normal life. As for the “children” I won’t go there, but I have my own thoughts on that one.

Part of wellness is growing up, maturing etc.. and as one who seeks to bring others on a journey to wellness holistically, well I will point out when public figures are an example of what not to be and how not to live or vice versa. Namaste

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